CommercIal and Corporate Law

We represent companies and provide legal advice in all cases concerning Commercial and Company Law in the fields of Turkish and foreign-owned companies, to be established in Turkey, serves in the development and administration, help to foreign companies for partnership in Turkey, the execution of transactions for the shares of the companies both foreign and domestic shareholders, transfer and merger of companies.

Law of BankIng

We provide legal consultancy services on matters relating to the conduct of relations between our clients and banks or financial institutions in the direction of our clients’ requests. In this context, we successfully carrying out the processes of acquiring company, build operate transfer and privatization projects

Due to the experience gained in the field of banking and financial institutions, legal disputes arising from bank credit agreements and liquidation and restructuring of loans both before and after the pursuance are also our main areas of specialization.

Energy Law

We represent our clients and provide legal consultancy services for provide contractual negotiations in the area of ​​Energy Law, project development, project financing, licensing and acquisition of all kinds of permissions, technical consultancy to purchase and sale of power generation facilities.

Labour and SocIal SecurIty Law

We have a great deal of experience in the field of Labour Law and represent our clients in many cases as attorney of laborer, employer and union.

We provide legal and consultancy services in preparation and negotiation of labor contracts, preparation of employee files, termination of employment contracts, Occupational Health and Safety Law and procedures, Social Security Law and procedures, and employers’ criminal and civil cases.

BuIldIng Laws

We provide legal consultancy services for contracts at this area such as construction contracts in return for land share, contract of construction etc. and representing our clients in disputes that may arise as a result of these contracts.

Real Estate Law

Our Office owns real estate market and has knowledge and experience in field of Real Estate Law both in Turkey and a major part of foreign countries.

We represent the clients and provide legal consultancy services for the preparation of the real estate purchase and sale transactions and related contracts, both domestic and abroad, financing of them, establishment of the same and limited rights, preparation of contracts (purchase, pre-emption, preliminary sales contract and timeshare).

Rental Law

We represent our clients in the fields of preparation of lease contracts, the termination of lease contracts and evacuate, disputes arising from lease of leased rents and the processing of lease receivables and provides legal consultancy services.

CItIzenshIp Law

Our office support to foreigners to get residence or work permit, acquire citizenship of the Republic of Turkey and serve to represent their clients in legal and consulting services.

LawsuIt and ExecutIon ProceedIngs

Our office is representing our Turkish and foreign clients for their receivables and debt collection without any delay at the Executive Directorates, Executive Courts and all the judicial authorities.

In addition, our office evaluates the incidents and conflicts that are encountered by our clients for each case separately, creating a strategy and then solving it.

First of all, our office and all of our colleagues are looking for peaceful ways to resolve disputes and give legal advice on this.